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Discover The Secret That Is Helping Carriers Get Direct Shipper Freight with Ease


Learn how to secure your next BIG DEAL by using The Fast-Track Guide to Getting Direct Shipper Freight.


Let Me Break Down All the Awesome Benefits You’ll Get When You Gain Access to the incredible guide today!


  • You will find out how to build your business foundation and the initial steps you need to take to attract customers.
  • Learn the successful approach with each step of prospecting.
  • Learn our sourcing strategy & process of contacting the shippers while understanding the framework for providing shipping capacity and bidding lanes.
  • Gain access to step-by-step information for getting set up to work with government agencies.
  • Learn about platforms where shippers are holding RFPs.
  • Save your time, money, & effort, and take advantage of this Fast Track Guide assembled by highly experienced professionals.


The overwhelming majority of companies depend on load boards to move their trucks. With this in mind, it's easy for carriers not to be able to get business because they don't have the connections or resources necessary that can help them bypass these obstacles. Luckily there is a complete guide available that will teach you how to make your company stand out from your competitors! 


We’ve helped companies just like yours get direct customers and gain consistent freight just by implementing the process.


P.S. Remember, this is a Limited-Time Offer!
Snag yours now before the price jumps back up to its usual price of $197!

The Fast-Track Guide to Getting Direct Shipper Freight

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